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Halbes Kilo Aprikosen - 2018


1  - Pigdog

This blue beast in the image. Uberwende dein innere Schweinhund!

Come on Billy you can be a Lady!

2 - Spliff in the Fridge

That time you are having some after lunch herb and grandpa approaches.

3 - El Hombre

AN epic tale of a manly man, who discovers new ways of loving at the town CUMBIA night.

4 - Moussa Stomp

There is one mighty fine dancer in Berlin. His name is Moussa and when he starts there is no stopping him!

5 - Train to Siberia

What is Love? Is it really as simple  as I love you?! Take a train through the snow and you will find out.

GANZE NACHT Volume 2 - 2017


1  - Cut My Hair

a Song about a good old dude from down under who could not decide himself what to to with his hair. sometimes we would be happy to just have this problem to decide!

2 - Margarita (funk the queen)

you remember bulgakovs masterpiece? and you ever brought it in relation with 'the' lady?

3 - Cockroach Mambo

whatever you do - it will be just a step down the stairs! as you can see - it is worthy to celebrate our revelation on earth!

4 - Indepenent Minds

this one come to existence after a breathtaking article in the sun where this paper called all britains to vote leave! and what kind of good export from the island would fit this topic best? of course - uk garage!

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